virtua\noob is my compilation of information as I develop into a Senior Consultant role for VMware.  I have over 20 years of IT experience in different disciplines to include Desktop Hardware Support, System Administration, Network Engineering, and Cyber Security. After several years as as Defensive Cyber Operations team member and leader for the DoD, I decided to seek employment with VMware based on their ability to adequately defend the Cyber Key Terrain operating on VMware platforms inherently.

My biggest struggle is mastering the platform in order to become the most effective Consultant (and hopefully Architect) possible. As I begin the process of drinking from the fire hose, I would like to document the journey of my learning and share the resources that make mastering this technology possible.

This blog may move slow at times as I try to keep up the pace of learning, maintaining a presence with customers, and having some resemblance of a personal life.

As this blog develops, I hope less experienced users will find it useful. I also hope that my peers will assist in adding the relevant content necessary to make this information helpful.

Thank you!

–   Kevin

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